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If you wish to get in contact with us please use the contact form below. We aim to reply to all contact requests within 48 hours or less. if you are contacting us on behalf of an affiliate programme please do not bother as we do not respond to them. We prefer to work with existing and known  companies which have a reputation rather than new start-ups.

If you are interested in guest posts or link exchanges then please do not bother as we do not accept SEO style requests. We will not approve guest post which are designed for the sole purpose of enhancing your websites SEO capabilities. We do however accept paid advertorials or paid guest posts.

This site was established first into 2001 as a quick guide on how to set up casino software on your PC. Since them the Internet has grown rapidly and now most games can be played with the browser as such this site has been rolled back quite a bit and is pretty much a barebones site. We will continue to run it until download software no longer exists for casino site which is still some time off.

to get in contact please fill in the following form thank  you.

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