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For a while know you have been able to play most casino games for your browser window such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. However many sites still allow you to download casino software to your PC. One of the downsides to using a download method is the you may end up downloading an infected file from a third party website. This simply means that a file you download could contain viruses or malware designed to steal money or your identity.

One way in which this works is if you download the casino software from a third party website it will contain a keylogger or a screenshot software. This simply means every time you go online the keylogger is keeping track of everything you type including credit cards and personal information. This keylogger then sends all the details to the hacker or scam are usually on the other side of the world in Russia or Nigeria. Once this scammer has your personal details he can then begin to purchase stop online using your credit card information or even worse he can still your identity by signing up for a new passport or credit cards.

One way to avoid such a scam is to download the software only from your main casino site. For example, if you're downloading the software for bet365 casino then only download it from Do not do a search for bet365 casino software as she may be led to third-party websites which are not a legitimate source for the software itself.

Another way to avoid accidentally downloading such software is to install antivirus or anti-malware programs such as AVG or various other anti-malware software such as Microsoft's own version which is free for all Windows users.