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Gambling Apps!

If you are looking to place bets online or play your favourite casino games such as roulette or blackjack but you don't want to be stuck on your PC   can now download any popular mobile betting apps for your smartphone. Pretty much any major online casino or sports book will have developed their own apps for use on your iPhone or android's. Most betting companies have also developed apps for their lesser-known mobile phone formats such as Windows or Nokia.

If you wish to make real money bets then you must first visit the official website of the casino you wish to bets at. Not all apps will allow you to make deposits or sign up to the site through your mobile device. If you are making deposits through PayPal then you will need to do so via the desktop version of the website. Also when you visit the website make sure you download the apps from official links on their website only or through the iTunes Store. There are many counterfeit apps with similar names to the official website which tricks you into downloading them.

Remember Google play store don't list betting apps in their directory. You must install the package file from the gambling site directly.

Once you have the apps on your mobile phone simply open them up and login. You will then be presented with the full suite of mobile casino games. Although the amount of games on offer mobile devices is much less than the desktop counterparts they are growing every single day. Most slot game providers now launch the mobile slot games alongside the desktop version which means for every new desktop release there is a mobile version to go with it. However, this means the whole back catalogue for lots of major casino software providers aren't available in mobile format but this is slowly changing as more and more people make bets via their mobile device.

If you are having problems installing or finding the app for the relevant casino then get in contact with them by live chat or email and they will be happy to help you out. Not all casinos will have apps specifically developed for every kind of mobile device but if you have an iPhone or the latest android then you should be covered.

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