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Why play via browser?

Nowadays pretty much every major online casino operator offers games to be played through your browser. For most people this is the best option as it gives you the freedom to play anywhere at any time. Most modern casino games are HTML 5 this means they need a modern browser to be compatible but they are also available to be played on your mobile device with no extra software being installed. HTML 5 is an alternative method of playing games which doesn't rely on flash which has many security vulnerabilities and is generally considered to be slow and bulky not to mention it is completely incompatible with iPhones and iPads. Every major sites such as bet365 will have games either in flash or HTML 5 alternatively they will offer a download solution which would offer you a software download for your Windows PC. If you are using a mobile device you can often download a special app for your smart phone via the relevant stores.

Playing via your browser allows you to play anywhere in the world where you can legally play online. This means you can play in an Internet cafe or at a friends house. Since you are playing via your browser there is no software to download which can pose a risk to some people who may not wish you to download random software to their PC. Playing through your browser also means that you can get online very quickly and start top playing. Occasionally you may have to download plug-ins if you don't already have Flash installed or you may be asked to download the latest version of Internet Explorer or whatever browser you are using.

If you are unsure of what browser to use we recommend Firefox or chrome as they are the fastest and most secure. If you are using Windows 10 then the latest version of Internet Explorer is the best one to use as opposed to the Internet explore nine. By using your browser you can also use it to browse the betting website in question. You may want to place the sports bets before hitting the casino which is much easier to do for your browser simply by visiting the relevant website.

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